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Essex X-Ray are specialists in the design and manufacture of High Voltage cable assemblies, and interconnects for all types of HV applications, which include: Medical and Industrial X-Ray, NDT, Inspection, Electron Beam Welding, Pulsed Power, Fusion, Plasma Research and Particle Physics.

Medical X-ray Cables

75kV Federal Standard Cables and Receptacles

Industrial X-Ray Cables

100kV (R10), 160kV (R24), 210kV (R30), 225kV (R28) type Cables and Receptacles

Analytical and Scientific Cables

50kV to 100kV cables and receptacles for a wide range of electro-optic analysis and inspection equipment

High Energy and Pulsed Power Cables

Cables and receptacles for Electron Beam welders, Pulsed Power and other high energy applications up to 300kV


Receptacles for all types of cables from low KV up to 300kV

High Voltage Custom Designs

High Voltage interconnects designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements

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