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Capacitor · 고전압 캐패시터 · NWL

Cera-Mite High Energy Panasonic
CKE Hivolt TDK
Custom Kekon HVC Capacitor
Genvolt Murata NWL

NWL Capacitor NWL Capacitor

· NWL Capacitor

· Product Application Information

E-Series Capacitors E-Series Capacitors

· Inverter & Power Supply

· High energy storage pulse

EC-Series Capacitors EC-Series Capacitors

· Inverter

· Traction drives and heavy vehicles

ER-Series Capacitors ER-Series Capacitors

· Inverter

· High energy storage pulse 800Vdc~3600Vdc

P-Series Capacitors P-Series Capacitors

· Plastic case package 20KVdc~450KVdc

· High Voltage DC Filtering

· High Power Pulse Lasers

· Impulse Generators

R-Series Capacitors R-Series Capacitors

· Snubber Capacitor

· High current & frequency DC input filters

S-Series Capacitors S-Series Capacitors

· AC resonant capacitors 200Vac~10000Vac

· DC filtering 500Vdc~20000Vdc

T-Series Capacitors T-Series Capacitors

· Magnetizing coils

TP-Series Capacitors TP-Series Capacitors

· VAC RMS resonant tank circuits

· Low impedance loads

WA-Series Capacitors WA-Series Capacitors

· DC filtering

· DC energy storage

· DC pulse power

WAC-Series Capacitors WAC-Series Capacitors

· DC filtering

· DC blocking

WF-Series Capacitors WF-Series Capacitors

· Harmonic AC filtering

· High Voltage DC filtering

· High Voltage energy storage

WFC-Series Capacitors WFC-Series Capacitors

· Water cooled capacitor

WL-Series Capacitors WL-Series Capacitors

· High energy Marx generators

· Pulsed magnetic field generators

· Pulsed X-ray generators